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Dimmers are an easy and convenient way to set and control your lighting levels within the desired room. With a setting of a dimmer switch, you can raise or lower lighting levels to the appropriate setting and set off different atmospheres according to your needs. Dimmers come in many different models, some of which controlling all the lights at once, other controlling the individual lights in the room if there is more than one. If you want to set a lighting mood that compliments the rest of your home, a dimmer switch is the way to go.


Sivoia QS Overview

Sometimes the light from the outdoors is a little too intense for your liking. Or perhaps you prefer a bit of privacy in your home. This is where installing shades is a great idea and something that should definitely considered. Our line of functional and stylish shades can be operated by the push of a button, switch, or even by remote control. With the ease of automatic shades, controlling the levels of outdoor light, you can create a calm and enjoyable environment to your home.

Power Generators


Blackouts are something that will always happen, and in the Northern winter, not having a heat source can be a major problem. The best way to eliminate the issue of no heat in a deep freeze is to have a generator on standby. Even when there isn’t a blackout scenario, a generator is also a great way to alleviate use on your electrical system. Our line of generators are not only efficient at keeping the energy in your home or small building during a blackout, but also a great way to take the stress off your energy bill.

LED Lights


In this day and age, power efficiency is the way to go for most households. One of the best way to lighten your energy bill is to go with LED lights. LED lights use a fraction of the energy of all other light bulbs and last exponentially longer. LED lights are also much brighter than mist other lighting sources, providing a much more powerful lighting source with fewer lights. Our line of LED lights feet perfectly with your household and come in an assortment of materials and styles that work for you.