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Dimmers are an easy and convenient way to set and control your lighting levels within the desired room. With a setting of a dimmer switch, you can raise or lower lighting levels to the appropriate setting and set off different atmospheres according to your needs. Dimmers come in many different models, some of which controlling all the lights at once, other controlling the individual lights in the room if there is more than one. If you want to set a lighting mood that compliments the rest of your home, a dimmer switch is the way to go.






Lyneo LX 

The Lyneo Lx is the right choice for any type of lighting activity. Lx is easy to use and looks really nice. The amazing feature of this dimmer is locator light which is really helpful when the lights are off and it’s dark in the room.





maestro dimmer

Maestro Dimmer

This is one of the reliable dimmer which provides an easy to operate tap switch that turns lights on/off to your favorite light level. If you want to adjust lights automatically you can use rocker dimmer.