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Lyneo Lx

The Lyneo Lx is the right choice for any type of lighting activity. Lx is easy to use and looks really nice. The amazing feature of this dimmer is locator light which is really helpful when the lights are off and it’s dark in the room.

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  1. Push-button returns light to your favorite level.
  2. Slide adjusts light to suit any activity.
  3. It has exclusive amber locator light which helps to find the switch in dark.
  4. Installs as like as a switch.
  5. 3-way models can be used with standard 3-way switches for an easy, economical solution.
  6. Adjusted Claro® gloss or Satin Colors® wallplates available for 1 gang up to 6-gang sizes.


  1. Built-in power failure memory.
  2. Standard RFI suppression.
  3. Precise color consistency.
  4. UV stable color.
  5. Underwriters Laboratories listed.
  6. Lutron controls are rated at 120 VAC, 60 Hz unless otherwise noted.