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What you should know about Circuit Breakers and Fuses:

Fuses and circuit breakers are safety devices in your electrical panel that are designed to prevent overloading and potential fire hazards in your home. These devices protect against over current or overloading by stopping the flow of electricity when it exceeds safe levels for your home.

Circuit breakers can be reset using hand controls after the problem has been eliminated.

Fuses, once they blow, need to be replaced. It is important that you replace fuses with the proper size fuse. Also check to ensure that you are using the correct fuse. There are two types of fuses. Fuses identified with the letter “P” are recommended on all general circuit. Fuses identified with the letter “D” are time delay or dual element fuses and should only be used for large motorized appliances such as dryers, furnaces, refrigerators, freezers and window air conditions. Fuses identified with the letter “D” should not be used on general lighting circuits.