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Quiet source Series 22 KW

Generator 3

Keep your power and the peace with the Quiet Source 22 kW. Packing a lot of power into a smaller size with less noise, the 22KW is ideal for larger homes, gas stations, convenience stores and other small businesses. On top of being affordable, the 22KW boasts low maintenance and little need for overhauling.



• Two Line LCD Tri-Lingual Digital Nexus™


• Isochronous Electronic Governor.

• Sound Attenuated Enclosure.

• Closed Coolant Recovery System.

• Smart Battery Charger.

• UV/Ozone Resistant Hoses

• ±1% Voltage Regulation.

• Natural Gas or LP Operation

• 2 Year Limited Warranty

• UL 2200 Listed
> Innovative design and prototype testing.

> Solid state frequency compensated voltage regulation.

> Single source service response.

> Generac transfer switches.
Test Criteria:
> Prototype tested.

> System torsional tested.

> Nema MG1-22 evaluation.

> Motor starting ability.