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Maestro Dimmer

This is one of the reliable dimmer which provides an easy to operate tap switch that turns lights on/off to your favorite light level. If you want to adjust lights automatically you can use rocker trade 3



01. Maestro is providing wide range of light controls, fan controlls, sensors and timers which allow you to adjust your lights and fans from anywhere in the room and even outside your home.

02. C•L® models for dimmable CFL and LED bulbs are available with or without occupancy sensor; these models have HED™ Technology, which improves dimming performance of these bulbs.

03. Many models are also available in stock with  eco-dim® feature which save up to 15% energy.

04. High-performance personalized light control with advanced programming options.

05. Dimmers offer customizable delayed fade to off,. which lets you leave a room before the lights go out.

06. LED’s glow softly in the dark for easy dimmer location and show preset light level when lights are off.

07. Multi-location dimming compatible with 3-way wiring for easy installation and retrofit.

08. You can add companion dimmers to dim from up to 10 locations.



01. Underwriters Laborartories and Canadian Standards Association listed.
02. Lutron controls are rated at 120 VAC, 60 Hz unless otherwise noted.