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Guardian Series 11 KW

Generator 2

The Guardian Series 11KW provides essential circuit power protection for your home, ensuring the necessities remain powered during an outage. It has the strength to back up a 3-ton air conditioner, well pump or water heater, and the main rooms of your house.

01. Powered by Generac OHVI Engine.

02. Two Line LCD Multilingual Digital Evolution™ Controller

03. True Power™ Electrical Technology

04. Two Transfer Switch Options Available:

a. 50 Amp Pre-Wired Switch or

b. 200 Amp Smart Switch.

05. Durable Electronic Governor.

06. External Main Circuit Breaker, System Status & Maintenance, Interval LED Indicators.

07. Completely sound proof.

08. Composite mounting pad.

09. Flexible Fuel Line Connector.

10. Natural Gas or LP Gas Operation.

11. Easy installation.

12. Toolless fuel conversion.

13. Rated for operation in areas with low natural gas pressure.

14. All weather steel enclosure.

15. Mobile Link compatible.


Test Criteria:
01. Prototype tested.

02. System torsional tested.

03. Nema MG1-22 Evaluation.

04. Motor starting ability.