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Core Power System 7KW


Generator 1

The 7KW transfer switch system generator is the most reliable solution for your household energy demand. The compact design can fit virtually anywhere in your home. It is a great choice when compared with other generators in the market.

• Digital LED (Light Emitting Diode) Controller.

• Built in automatic Transfer Switch

with Built-In Priority Load Center.

• Composite All Weather Enclosure.

• Sound Attenuated Enclosure which reduce the sound level.

• External Main Circuit Breaker for safety.

• Flexible Fuel Line Connector.

• Composite Mounting Pad.

• Continuous fuel source-Natural Gas or LP Gas Operation.

• UL 2200 Listed.
>Innovative design and prototype tested.

> Corepower technology.

> Solid state, frequency compensated voltage regulation.

> Single source service response.

> Generac transfer switches.
> Affordable, 24/7 Backup power.

> Quiet operation.

> Easy installation and maintenance.

> Generac OHV Engine.

> Lightweight and compact.

> Digital controller.
Test Criteria:

> Prototype tested.

> System torsional tested.

> Nema MG1-22 Evaluation

> Motor starting ability.